Anti-vandal Series
Mt Boyce Rest Area
A NSW RMS project for a rest area site on approach to a truck check station on the Great Western Highway west of Blackheath to cater for heavy trucks inbound Sydney at night.
NSW Roads & Maritime Services
The site had no water or sewer services and was adjacent to a national park which also demanded a zero discharge system. Construction was to have minimal site impact and allow the rest area to remain open with no safety risk of truck traffic around site.
As a high vandal rated area, we nominated a CAB2 building with a 10,000L CWT Collection Well waste system, and a 3,000L CWT Freshwater tank to service the hand basins. The facility was commissioned within 4 days of commencing on-site work, minimising the interruption to the rest area.
The CWT package included a management plan implemented with a local pump-out contractor and RMS projected usage rates.
We collaborated with a lighting contractor who installed a cantilevered solar light over the building above the skylights which illuminated into the booths at night. We received a 9 out of 10 score on the RMS Contractor Performance Final Project Report.