Automated Anti-vandal Series
Doug Dean Reserve
A single booth automated building at a high-vandal risk community park on the outskirts of Ballarat.
City of Ballarat
The specification for the project set by the City of Ballarat was to included:
  • Internal fittings and cladding to be vandal resistant and low maintenance, high polished stainless steel
  • Provide lockable service duct for concealed fittings
  • External cladding to be vandal resistant, low maintenance and have an anti-graffiti coating
  • automatic touch free sliding door
  • automatic touch free hand basin
  • automatic touch button toilet paper dispenser
  • automatic touch free hand dryer

The performance requirements was well matched to our anti-vandal CAB range of buildings with the Stainless+Concrete Panel system. We have been hesitant on entering the automated segment of the market with automatic doors and self-cleaning functionality. This is because the technology to date has not been sturdy and reliable enough for public restroom application. Continual breakdowns and repair costs have tarnished this segment of the market. The extra cost to the extra functional benefit must be difficult to justify.

We have been careful to pick our time to enter the market by finding the right technology and partners to deliver the right solutions.

We have invested significant time in the design of the new automated systems. This is to deliver high quality solutions with economic manufacturing and construction, that will also enable efficient maintenance and long term cost saving. This first project at Ballarat is now a platform that we can extend extra automated functionality such as self-cleaning and audio instructions.

The building was pre-fabricated and shipped to site. The site was a high vandal area and so there was a push to get building completed with anti-graffiti coatings in place as soon as possible. Pad-preparaton and building erection was completed subsequent days. A cast-in-situ perimeter footpath was formed and cast by local builders.

Final finishing, painting and landscaping was completed with only one incident of graffiti attack before completion.