Our Country Series
Dadswell Bridge
A road-side rest area on the Western Highway between Stawell and Horsham. The proposed site was an existing Horsham Regional Council Rural Fire-fighting water refill station consisting of a powered bore supplying a 20,000L above ground water tank for draw down by fire tankers.
Vic Roads
The brief was for a an Australian Standard and BCA compliant toilet facility that used existing water and power services to power a pressure pump and provide flush toilets with waste into an Aerated Waste Treatment System(AWTS). And an adjacent shade structure with similar architecture to the restroom. VicRoads researched and engaged a Victorian based AWTS suitably sized to handle the high usage load. Pureablue won the tender to design and construct; the shade structure, the restroom building, the plumbing system, electrical system for lighting and to power the AWTS system and pumps.

The pre-fabricated toilet building including complete drainage plumbing in the service room and the electronically managed pressurised cold water plumbing systems was shipped to site with the flat pack of parts for the shade structure.

A sub grade pad was constructed by Pureablue installation staff with the toilet building craned into position. Electrical work was conducted by a local electrical contractor. Pureablue liaised with the AWTS supplier who was onsite concurrently to link the waste plumbing into the AWTS system and mount the AWTS control units in the restroom concealed service room. This ensured a well integrated solution.

A local builder constructed the footpath to the restroom and the cast-in-situ concrete slab for the shade structure which was then erected and masonry anchored. Project installation was completed within 5 working days and was commissioned 5 days later when local power authorities commissioned power connections. This demonstrates Pureablue’s industry experience in designing a fit-for-purpose facility matching available services at a remote site.